Abous Us

If there is one thing to be kept in mind

It’s forbidden roads are not meant to be left behind

Doesn’t matter how hard it seems

I know you’ll always follow your dreams

 Always choose the hard way because even if it seems like a forbidden road, it’s actually the only road to success. When we started our journey to victory, many walls appeared, but with our strong belief and confidence, we brought them down. As long as you have a burning wish and you act accordingly, everything is possible. When all those walls are tumbling, a path sprinkled with opportunities reveals towards you.

The secret of destroying those walls is climbing them. Your ambition and desire will make them bow in front of you and eventually they will disappear.

 Forbidden Road Outdoor has been a dream of two young students who met in college and it is now brought to life thanks to our perseverance and passion for this business. Our mission is to offer you the necessary methods to start a journey on any road that seems forbidden and the tools to help you find a way through all those walls.....


Why us – The Promise

We afford the luxury of starting this adventure with a promise because we have the ability to keep it. We are here for you and you can put our words and skills to the test anytime you feel like it. Start thinking smart and healthy and join us. Our promise to you is that being a part of our team, you will always have access to the most reliable gear and high-quality products. We know how it’s like to be a newcomer in this industry and we’ll be more than happy to guide you starting with the necessary equipment and ending with some precious tips. We are only focused on high-quality products and our main goal is in expanding our product selection constantly. Nature is a place to explore. Feel free to lose yourself in nature and feel happy to find the way back because nature will always be there challenging you and helping you achieve your dreams.


How it started –  The Passion

As we said before, it’s time to put our words to the test. It all started a few years ago when 2 outdoor enthusiasts met in college and discovered they have a passion for camping & hiking and a burning desire for the camping industry. As nature lovers, we decided to combine pleasure with utility and this is how the company was built. It was built on the vision and the desire we had back then - and on the experience and maturity we have now. Whenever you do what you love, that thing becomes a masterpiece, so if you want to create memorable journeys, join our team and you will always be ready for a new life adventure.


What we offer

Reliable and strong customer support.  

We remember how we started and we remember how many questions we had back then and no one to ask. You will never be in that position. We’ll always be here to answer your questions because the stronger our relationship is, the better will be for the both of us.

Promote Outdoor camping and hiking.

 Loving what you do gives you the chance to be happy and have interesting and visionary ideas. Outdoor sports represent our life. This is why we love life the most. Our mission is to attract as many sports enthusiasts to explore and enjoy nature. It all starts with a healthy adventure. Stay close

High-quality products for beginners.

 As a beginner, you should be very prepared and you should be focused on your equipment before you go. We care about your health that’s why you’ll have the best gear available all the time.